JONATHAN RADETZ JEWELLERY is a fine jewellery line with pieces ranging from delicately minimalist earrings, necklaces and rings. The collections are straightforward and timeless jewellery designs, hand-made in single unit production made in Germany. With its clear details, JONATHAN RADETZ JEWELLERY doesn’t dominate but rather embodies artistic craftsmanship and discreet style. Working with fine materials such as 9 karat gold, sterling silver, Jonathan Radetz’ minimalist jewellery is sold in select boutiques and in his own online store.

With his jewellery line, designer Jonathan Radetz expresses his fascination with discovering the symbolism in jewellery and celebrating the idea that a simple piece can look fresh, modern and elegant. The precise lines and geometric shapes of his fine jewellery pieces create a graphical impression. The German designer creates distinct, modern jewellery stripped of excess. What remains is a pure expression with notable subtlety and simple beauty. The use of completely recycled gold and silver and high quality Akoya perls from Japan further distinguish JONATHAN RADETZ JEWELLERY.

Photo credits: Tanja Evers